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Welcome to Donnergymnasiet!

Your knowledge and talents are important to us at Donnergymnasiet Upper Secondary School. Here you will get a first class education that will provide you with insights and skills to accompany you through life. At Donnergymnasiet there is a dynamic mix of students studying natural science, music, business and social science. Our skilled teachers create varied and meaningful teaching situations providing ample opportunities for you to develop independence, problem solving and teamwork skills. Our teaching ambition is to combine challenging university preparation with extra tuition and support for those who need it. Studies at Donnergymnasiet will of course qualify you for university studies.

We consistently work with developing our methods, our students and our school. At the same time our ambition is to include the outside world and we have ongoing projects with our community and various organisations locally and globally. At the moment we have exchange programmes with schools in Kenya, India, Serbia and Belgium. We are always open to suggestions from students and possible future project partners.

Together, students and staff create a positive atmosphere. We focus on mentorship, fundamental values and student support. We encourage, as well as challenge, each other and our main goal is that each and every student will be supported in his or her learning development.

About Donnergymnasiet

The very first Donnergymnasium was established in 1998 at Klintehamn, Gotland. Two years later Donnergymnasiet Göteborg opened and quickly became one of the most popular schools in Göteborg. Today these two schools have about 1000 students, of which approx. 535 at our school here in Göteborg. Donnergymnasiet is an independent school without religious or political affiliations. There are no school fees.

Donnergymnasiet is an upper secondary school and as such prepares students for further studies and for a future career. Students are from 16 to 19 years old. We follow the national curriculum and are supervised by The Swedish Schools Inspectorate

We offer programmes in science, social science, business administration and music. We also offer in-depth courses in science, social science, sustainability, mathematics, languages, psychology, entrepreneurial skills, philosophy etc.

There is no typical day at Donnergymnasiet. Teaching may look very different depending on the course, class and students’ interests and needs. Classes are held 4 days a week, with no more than 3 subjects a day.

Programmes at Donnergymnasiet

The Social Science Programme (SA)

Are you interested in questions regarding how society and people interact? On the Social Science Programme you study and question our society and the world around us. Studies in history, civics and politics give you the tools and skills to understand humanity and society.

In your second year you choose either Social Science or Behavioural Science. In specialisation Social Science you delve deeper into social issues and extend your knowledge in factors and structure that affect societies. In specialisation Behavioural Science you learn about people as individuals, as group members and members of a society and study communications and learning.

The Natural Science Programme (NA)

Do you enjoy the challenge of identifying and solving problems? On the Natural Science Programme you develop knowledge and tools to study and understand the human being and nature from different perspectives. You practise to analyse both details and contexts, to draw logical conclusions as well as communicating about science.

In your second year you choose either Natural Science or Natural Science and Society. In specialisation Natural Science you study biology, physics, chemistry and maths. In specialisation Natural Science and Society you study natural and social science and geography. Both specialisations awaken your interest in science through varied and realistic teaching situations. You will among other things engage in field studies, experiments, study visits and have contacts with the universities.

The Business Studies Programme (EK)

Are you interested in the complex world of business and law and how they interact with society? On the Business Studies Programme you develop basic and university preparatory knowledge in business and law. You will be taught the theoretical basis for budgeting, marketing, accounting and private law and you will have the opportunity to make practical use of your new skills in your very own business venture project.

In your second year you can choose either Business Studies or Law. In specialisation Business Studies you extend your knowledge about the business area and financial tools. In specialisation Law you delve deeper into the legal system, its structure, organisation and function. In both specialisations your studies are linked to the outside world through exciting projects.

Arts Programme Music (ESMU)

Do you enjoy singing, playing or producing music? On the Arts Programme Music you will encounter a great variety of genres, both theoretically and practically. Here you will get the chance to play and sing together with other students and take part in concerts and different projects. You will also have individual singing or instrument lessons. The Arts Programme Music prepares you for university studies and opens up many different opportunities.

In your second and third year you can choose one of three study paths:

Path 1 is for you who would like to play a lot and think further studies in music at university level sound exciting. Maybe you would like a career as a musician/singer or music teacher.

Path 2 is for you who enjoy creating your own music and recording it in a studio. Maybe you long for a career as producer, sound technician or artist with your own record label.

Path 3 is for you who do not want to choose between music and further university studies. Here you can sing or play a lot at the same time as you study for a general university qualification.